Fall 2011
This is my first taste of water color. There are two different types of techniques used in water color, wet on wet, and wet on dry. In this piece I used both techniques. I drew shapes and seperated them with the different catagories. The different catagories are Primary, secondary, analogous, warm, cool, supplimentary, intermediate, comlimentary, and monoclamatic.
walk in the woods
Fall 2011
This is my second water color project. As you can see its a landscape. It wasnt intended to be realistic, more abstract. I wasnt sure how I was going to paint the trees, but I studied the picture and noticed there were some shadows, that I could pull out. This painting is my favorite art piece Ive done so far.

shh im thinking
Fall 2011
This is my scribble drawing. I really like this piece because it has details to it, but the style is very sloppy. It took me a long time to do this. I like the style tho and iI will continue to draw like that. The words in the backround took so long and was a pain, but looking at the finished piece it was worth every bit of it.

I am KingWinter 2012This is a scetch i did in my scetch book. It didnt take very long but you can see the shading was very important to me. I love to shade, almost every project I do I try to shade something.


My dreams.winter 2012I did this painting becasue there is a new rule that says if you transfer from a school you have to sit out of sports for a year. Basketball is very important to me. i had dreams of getting a basketball scholarship, but seeing as this is my senior year thats not going to happen.